TBone Hamilton’s Big Easy Mini Revue Live at Slate’s 

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022.

TBone Hamilton’s Big Easy Mini Revue Live at Slate’s playing one of our house gigs. The weather turned really nice here in Florida and a pleasant evening. The customers are really into it and I can tell season has picked up. Sound wise we  getting a good handle on the size of the room since Herb Bruce, our trombonist dozen, plays unamplified, so we have to play quieter than him. I Kicked Back to my bass amp to get a little more mid tone range inside small room. I do that to basically cut through. Dan Harris, the guitar player used a smaller amp and as a result the band was really tight and locked in last night. I got some nice compliments from her about my soloing and tone of the base which makes me really happy. Herb is a tremendous musician and also an educator so people of his caliber will really hold your feet to the fire if you’re clowin’.  TBone Hamilton 

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Dan Harris – Guitar/Vocals
Herb Bruce  – Trombone
Kana Leimbach – Drums