Connecticut born bassists Eric Fahr & TBone Hamilton reunited after 40 years.

Eric is a little older than me and at an early age was proficient on the electric bass. We never jammed together since we played the same instrument. But he was friends of friends in the same musical circles. thanks to good power of social, we have been connected again and Eric showed up to my gig at H’ours Creole in tarpon springs fla.

I knew I had to get my friend up to jam on bass. My Tenor man captured this treasure on video.

I know you Rider is not one we normally do – but since my boy was in the house I wanted to do it.

Pretty cool testament to strength of the CT music birth grounds.

You can see Eric play in San Diego – look him up.

Brother thanks for showing and i wish you and the family all the best. – Tom hamilton 

TBone Hamilton – Vocals
Jon Puhl – Guitar/Vocals
Eric Mullins – Tenor
Eric Elsner – Drums
Guest: Eric Fahr on Bass