I want to present my “In Studio” work. As a fan of music myself, I always enjoyed the inside – behind the scenes of music, and music making. This page will be continually updated as I have many projects that I am happily working on and some historic stuff. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.


TBone Hamilton Recording Blues Zen RecordingI recently went in to Zen Recording to record some blues songs. Willie Dixon was a big influence on me and his songs are now the Gold standard when it comes to Post WW II blues. So I cut some of his music along some friends. I will have more info soon on the sessions and when the music will become available for BoneHeads world wide. Check back here or on My Facebook Music Page for updates!

Behind the Scenes – Here I am playing my bass “Bernie” live. The guys are in the room with me. I am also singing on this one too. So we cut these songs live – in a couple of takes. In the front of the pic you can see the vintage tube amp used for the harp.


In the first session I had the fortune to get some of best blues musicians in America. They all were enthusiastic to record the music of Willie Dixon. On Harmonica – D.W. Gill from Maine. I had played with DW in the past,  and he was in town on a mini tour so the timing was perfect to have him record. If you have a great harmonica player you have to record “My Babe”. On guitar, I have my long time friend blues guitarist Steve Burdi. I met Steve Burdi the same day I met Rock Bottom many years ago! Steve laid some tasty blues on all of the tunes, and nice nod on “Hoochie Coochie Man”.  On drums, my rhythm section partner from Rock Bottom and the Cutaways, Glenn Evans.


The Good Book SessionsThe photo on the left was taken at Creative World Recording in 2013. It’s a picture of Roy Book Binder’s guitar and my “Stand – Up” bass as Roy likes to call it. The Book asked me to play on his latest CD The Good Book. Note Roy’s music stand and the note book on it. Roy wrote the whole album in that spiral bound note book.

Behind the Scenes – I only recorded one time in same room as Roy. After this session I recorded in the drum room with my pal – master drummer Glenn Evans. Roy has been a solo artist for 40 years playing blues all over the planet. I think that me being in the same room as Roy might have been a distraction from something he has been doing his whole life. In retrospect this was a great decision as I prefer to be near the drummer during recording.


The Good Book Album cover is to the right. The CD reached # 5 in the August Blues Charts on the APD Global Charts. Also this album reached # 3 in the August weekly Americana APD Global Charts. Roy is traveling all over the country performing concert, clinics and house concerts.

Here is a review from The Good Book Review From 106.7 FM

All compositions have been composed by Book Binder and it shows in their wonderful smile inducing delivery. You cannot listen to this cd and not want to get up and jig or take up a jug and blow your heart out. The playing is an absolute highlight that just may encourage you to drag out that old guitar of yours. It may be a modern recording but it is one truly rooted in the twenties and thirties and as such highlights a rollicking style of music neglected in our high paced world. Have a listen and you wont be disappointed.