Howling for My Darling

This single Howling For My Darling was recorded by Bassist Tom “TBone” Hamilton. TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars recorded this single old school style…Live. We were all set up in the same room – drums, upright bass, guitar, and harmonica. This was how it was done back in the day. I wanted to have the live interaction, remaining hopeful that the music would shine through.

The second single I am releasing was made famous by Howling Wolf. Howling for my Darling Man was written by bassist Willie Dixon & Chester Burnett.

Tom “TBone” Hamilton is a bassist, vocalist and producer of eclectic Americana music – Blues, Jazz, Roots, Rock, and New Orleans styled music.  He is located on the West Coast of Florida.


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Howling for My Darling recorded live Zen Recording  Fall 2013.

TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars

Tom TBone Hamilton – Acoustic Bass & Vocal
DW Gill – Harmonica
Steve Burdi – Guitar
Glenn Evans – Drums