photo: TBone Hamilton & the Blues All Stars

 TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars Live at Ka’Tiki 

On Sunday, January 16, 2022 TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars just finished an afternoon gig at Ka tiki on Sunset Beach, treasure Island Florida. A weather blast came through the night before. on the beach there were gusts up to 50 miles an hour, right next to  where we were playing. we play outside in a Tiki hut, that’s covered, and does have plastic barriers to keep the wind out. Plus they have space heater so was actually not too bad inside. The band was all there and we’re playing really good today. We had a little snafu try to use their sound system upfront, but luckily I had my back up PA with me. We use that And it seem to work out pretty good. The bartenders were happy the people were happy. it’s always good when the music comes together and it works out.

TBone Hamilton