Gig Notes Ed # 24 TBone Hamilton Band at the Haus

Jul 29, 2023 | Gig Notes, The TBone Hamilton Band

Saturday July 29th 2023 Gig Notes Ed # 24

TBone Hamilton Band at the Haus

I always seem to connect with other small business owners, and this venue is no exception. Rhonda and her family have taken the brave step of running this coffeehouse and expanding it to include an ice cream shop. I love this gig because it’s conveniently close to my home, and it provides a cozy indoor setting during the scorching summer days. Another great benefit is that our friends can easily come to enjoy the show, as it’s a relaxed atmosphere with no smoking indoors. Plus, they serve beer, wine, and delicious sandwiches! Last night, we played as a trio, but it looks like in the future we’ll be able to bring our full four-piece band to this venue. Currently, my band is comprised of a guitarist, bassist (me), drummer, and tenor saxophonist.

One of my dear friends, Dennis McCarthy, joined us on drums last night. Dennis and I go way back, over 30 years, since we first met at the Green Iguana blues jam in Tampa back in the early 1990s. When we first crossed paths, I was still learning the ropes as a bass player, and Dennis taught me the essential groove for a killer blues shuffle. Trust me, if you want to play blues, you need to have that shuffle nailed down. Since then, we’ve been inseparable whenever we play together. The bass and drums are meant to sound as one, and last night, Jon had the challenging task of being the only rhythm instrument. He skillfully filled the gaps with chords and other elements to make our sound as rich as possible. Jon is incredibly talented, covering both guitar and vocals flawlessly. It was truly heartwarming to see our friends and family turn out to support us. We will continue to perform and are eagerly looking forward to recording in the fall.

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Jon Puhl – Guitar/Vocals
Dennis McCarthy – Drums