photo: TBone Hamilton & the Blues All Stars

TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars playing at H’ours Creole 

January 15th 2022

TBone Hamilton and the blues All-Stars played at H’ours Creole. The whole band was back tonight at full strength. We have been playing together for a year and a half at least, so when you have a band playing together as a unit and the band is full of good musicians the band gets better, tighter, and sounds good. You get to the point where you don’t have to think about playing you could just play music which is always the goal. The weather was nice, and it was great to have my family come to the gig. My sister Nancy, her husband Steve, and her daughter Beth, her husband Eric, and their children Elle and Malia

The band played with good energy and great dynamics tonight a lot of people threw money in the tip jar. They really liked what we are doing, and we tried to fulfil the request as best we could. We did have the cops called on us for sound and we weren’t really that loud as loud as we could get. But there’s some local idiot that is just causing a problem. Later in the night we were playing, and they also were called again. But the boss was going to have none of it. He told us to play all the way to the end and we did. Afterward, I got to hang out with the boss and we talked business and plans for the future.  That’s when I found out the Tumblr I made for his mom (who died of cancer) actually went to Chris. Chris was married to Doug’s mom Barb. It’s a total family affair. Todd, Doug‘s brother, waiting on my family tonight. He had a good time and everybody got along like families are supposed to. 
TBone Hamilton