The TBone Hamilton Band  
Friday & Saturday August 12 & 13th 2022

The TBone Hamilton Band plays H’ours Creole & Ka’Tiki
 We played two gigs within 24 hours. Our regular gig at H’ours Creole in Tarpon Springs FLA on Friday night.
It was a good night of music the band played real well and thankfully we avoided rain. I know I post a lot about weather but it’s very important for us because we play outdoor gigs in Florida where the temperatures go above 90 frequently in the summer.
The band continues to get tighter and grow even stronger.

On Saturday we had an early afternoon gig at our favorite beach joint called Ka’Tiki on Sunset Beach Florida.  We played in the afternoon and the people there were receptive and cool. It’s a real Music spot so we can really open up the volume more and show what the band can really do. Just like all the bands I have ever run, I mix up all different kinds of styles and rhythms and beats and tempos into the mix. The TBone Hamilton Band  is my main focus now and the Blues All Stars will be a once in a while show with special guest artist. But right now the goal is to work on future recordings both live and in studio and we are also writing new Music. We’re getting more followers on our social media and people are being very generous to us. So the band has a good groove going right now.

Stay tuned

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Jon Puhl  – Guitar/Vocals
Eric Mullins – Tenor Sax
Eric Elsner –  Drums