TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars
Friday June, 3rd 2022

TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars played Ka’Tiki. This was a last-minute gig as I noticed on Facebook they were looking for a band due to a cancellation. When it’s less than eight hours from a gig, it’s hard to get all your band members confirmed because in my situation, all my guys play with other bands to make a living doing it.  So I checked to see if my guys were available and I was unable to get Eric Elsner and Eric Mullins as they have pre-commitments. So I had Kana who is my Drummer in the Big Easy Revue cover the gig. We met a new gentleman named Jason who plays piano. He was recommended by Eric Elsner and it was a great recommendation. We had not met met Jason until that night. No rehearsal just a phone call. Since I’ve been leading bands for almost 30 years I know how to craft a set list to work the best for the people that I have. It doesn’t hurt that Jason has a masters degree in jazz composition and performance and has had a great year himself. But to me, more importantly, is enthusiasm – and my band always has it! It’s a culture I’ve always established with my bands. When we were leaving The crowd was really charged up. They tipped us a lot of money and the venue paid us more for being good sports and covering their gig!! There was a tropical storm on its way to our area but the weather was just beautiful last night in the world famous Tiki hut. These gigs  remind you of why you play music.

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Jon Puhl – Guitar/Vocals
Jason Bontrager – Piano
Kana Leimbach – Drums