TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars
Saturday, March 19th 2022

Another good night of blues at H’ours Creole in Tarpon Springs with TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars. The band continues to get tighter. We  scheduled a rehearsal coming up that everyone’s looking forward to. It’s actually the first rehearsal of the band. It was nice to have my wife and my niece and nephew out tonight to watch the band. Dr. Jason and his wife decided to come out so it was a very pleasant evening and the band played real well. I’m looking forward to having new material in the bag. I hung out with Doug and the family after the gig for the post Gig hang and we talked about a myriad of subjects. It’s really nice when you can work with the venue owner and make a successful enterprise. Signed TBone

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Jon Puhl – Guitar/Vocals
Eric Mullins – Tenor
Eric Elsner – Drums