TBone Hamilton and the Blues All Stars
Friday, March 11th 2022

We played at H’ours Creole in Tarpon Springs. Eric Elsner, our regular drummer couldn’t make the gig tonight as he was filling in with my other friend Charlie Morris. So I got Dennis McCarthy to play drums with us. I’ve known Dennis for 30 years and he’s a good friend. It’s been in a while since I played with him and it was good to see him.
He brought this old vintage huge kick drum with him and it sounded really cool. Also, I had my friend Ram who plays Congas sit in on the Gig and he did a really good job filling in all night gave the band a whole new different sound. The Latin grooves are sounding really good and even the swing shuffles were cruising along nicely. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were packed all night with really happy customers. They’re also a crew of guys I came down to see us from Pasco County. They saw my band play up there last weekend and now I believe they are new fans.
Harmonica player Dooner showed up it was his birthday and he had something to eat and then was sat in and sang a couple numbers with the band tonight.

Onto the next gig

TBone Hamilton – Bass/Vocals
Jon Puhl – Guitar/Vocals
Eric Mullins – Tenor
Dennis McCarthy – Drums
Ram – Percussion